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Product Overview

The SUNDE 800L incorporates the Dirty Matrix Protocol into a compact access terminal that
connects over Ethernet to the shared host PC. SUNDE 800L connects to the internet through
many standard TCP/ IP protocols, and make many users sharing simultaneously one standard
PC come true. This can help the customers save the total cost of ownership. SUNDE 800 L-series
can be suitable to use in Enterprises, schools, train centers and all various environments. You
can use the internet wire line to connect the terminal and the standard PC. You also can use
HUB, Switch hub, or Router to connect them or even through the internet. If you need USB flash
drive access in addition to the peripherals listed above, SUNDE 880L is your best choice.
SUNDE 800L is the independent terminal based on MIPS idea, we also adopt the design
technology of 32 bits Soc Chips. Then this product can cost lower electricity consumption, but
can run fast and have the prefect display effect.; it is a computer terminal without CPU. HDD
and Memory. These terminals share the resources of the host computer, such as CPU, memory,
hard disk, driver. The operation is the same as the host PC.

SUNDE 800L Benefits:

Supports system: Windows VISTA, Windows 2008, Windows XP PRO, Windows Server 2003,
Share one PC with at least 20 users.
Dramatically reduce the capital cost and electricity consumptions.
Supports the output audio speaker and with perfect voice effect.
Easy to set up, maintain, and secure.
Supports USB mouse, keyboard, USB disc, barcode scanner, etc.


At present, PC becomes so strong, especially the available resource of host system. SUNDE 800L
can visit such strong functional PC effectively. Each SUNDE 800L can be as the independent
operating terminal which creates independent and secure environment that does not influence
other terminals and its host PC. SUNDE 800L makes use of the characteristics of computer’s
extra operating, then Users can both visit the internet and office simultaneously.
SUNDE 800L Solutions
Adopting the SUNDE 800L solution, not only the multi-user can use the hard, soft resources and
all of the outer equipments of the host, such as browse the web, play net games and ASP,
instant messenger, send private email etc. but also can use the Windows applicant software
such as office software, multi-media. You do no need to buy complicate and expensive
Firstly, installing the software attached in the host, then connect the SUNDE 800L to the host
through Switch HUB/Router.
if you want to add another work station under the configuration of the sever, you just need to
add the equipment as below: 1 display, 1 SUNDE 800L,1 keyboard, 1mouse., then you will get
the same operating environment as the host PC.
Support high Resolution & Wide Screen
Support 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720…. 16 bit color (65,536 colors)