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Field Services

Asset Decommissioning / Disposal

IT Field Services encompass a range of technical support activities that require on-site professional service. We carefully screen our staff to ensure they fulfill the highest standards of technical competence and customer support. Whether you require hardware installation, upgrading, transport, or decommission, you can count on us to successfully complete our work in a timely and professional manner.

Your company’s IT security requires secure disposal of your surplus IT systems and protection of your data. We are dedicated to responsible disposal of excess systems in strict accordance with local, national, and international standards. Our global reach and experience has earned our customers’ confidence that their systems and information will never fall into the wrong hands.

Equipment Relocation

Without the right experience, relocating your data center equipment can cause major upheaval to your operations. We have completed many seamless equipment relocations all over the world. It does not matter if it is a single asset or a complete data center; we bring the same level of professionalism and commitment to your project.

Our veteran relocation team will work with you through complex processes and be deeply engaged with your transition team to ensure the elimination of potential missteps in the planning, preparation, and execution of the relocation. We will provide end-to-end services including the de-installation, transport, installation, and testing of your equipment.

Asset Deployment

Asset deployment of either pre-owned or new equipment requires a significant level of proficiency and planning in order to safeguard operational functionality. Our field teams know what must be done before, during, and after an installation in order to ensure that your deployment schedules are met.

Many clients contract both our deployment services and ongoing maintenance services for their new equipment in order to receive the benefit of our integrated approach.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a business strategy that allows you to stay agile and flexible, whether you’re “ramping up” for projects as they arise or when you are dealing with fluctuating workloads. Staff augmentation is normally leveraged to fill a staffing gap where your organization cannot justify the need to permanently retain skilled employees. We can provide you access to qualified and seasoned contract resources.

Asset Inventory Services

Asset Management is a significant challenge facing enterprise IT professionals today. Accurate information about your asset locations, current condition, and security is often very difficult to obtain and maintain; however, it is one of the critical functions necessary to guarantee data security and track asset depreciation.

We have been providing comprehensive and accurate asset inventories for over two decades. Whether you have a single location or multiple worldwide data centers, we can perform complete asset inventories without disrupting your operations.

Project Services

Fusion provides a wide range of project services that involve a physical presence with the equipment. Our professional staff can assist your project managers in the planning and careful execution of almost any IT project involving hardware assets. We provide command and control for our global workforce to supply the labor for your project.

Secure Data Destruction

Secure Data Destruction is a critical function that your organization can entrust to SSCS. We understand the reality of data theft and we take every necessary measure to ensure that your data is destroyed completely to Department of Defense standards and their international equivalents. We can provide you with multiple destruction options as well as the final certification of completion.

We can accommodate your data destruction needs regardless of whether you need a one-time destruction run or an ongoing Destruction Management Services program.