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Kiosk Installation Repair & Maintenance

Considering Kiosks?

Thinking about using kiosks to support your current objectives or future goals? Wondering if kiosks are right for you? Whether you are looking at kiosks as a cost-saving measure or to grow revenue, it’s important to consider the following to get the most return from your investment:


  • How will you integrate kiosks into your existing in-store infrastructure?
  • Who will respond to kiosk servicing issues?
  • What skill sets do in-house or on-site employees have for servicing kiosks? How much time do you want them to spend dealing with maintenance issues?
  • How will you roll out a multi-site or after-hours installation? Are you planning a temporary or moving installation, such as at a tradeshow?
  • What are the support requirements of the printer, and how will you replace consumables like paper?
  • How will you secure your kiosk’s network connection and maintain the proper malware protection to avoid POS breaches?

Benefits for Kiosk Manufacturers and Resellers

kiosk installation, service, maintenance and emergency repair programs can enhance your service capabilities and extend your customer service reach and responsiveness. By offering the multi-national, 24/7 presence of our service team to your customers and resellers, you can offer them a competitive advantage and quicker ROI on their device. You can also speed device updates with our scheduled IMAC programs, for increased refresh rates among your established customer base.