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Repair, Replacement and Disposal

Your equipment has hosted the breadth of your business' data, so careful thought must be given to its entire lifecycle, including IT support service, repair, maintenance, replacement and disposal. Careless handling of damaged or discarded equipment does more than hinder productivity and endanger the environment. It is the technical equivalent of leaving your back door open to thieves.

At Insight, we work with our clients to responsibly repair and replace faltering technology. Our centralized asset removal, refurbishment and redeployment services allow us to make rapid repairs. Our Hot Swap/Spare program puts parallel equipment in place so you don't lose a step. And our carefully documented, EPA-compliant IT disposal procedures make certain your data remains yours alone.

Timely Repairs, Transitions and Closure

Insight plans for every phase of your equipment's lifespan. We streamline repairs and IT maintenance with timely equipment swaps – minimizing downtime – and expedited shipping and tracking to and from our certified repair centers. Our comprehensive end-to-end remarketing, redeployment and disposal programs thoroughly wipe data, protect the environment and offer clients an economic return on retired equipment.

Maintenance that Won't Break Your Stride

One of the costliest aspects of breakdowns is the time and productivity lost during equipment failure. Insight's Hot Swap/Spare Program keeps identical equipment on call and our STARS (Service Tracking and Reporting) system inventories and dispatches equipment for rapid replacement when you need IT support service, maintenance or repairs.

Centralized Sources of Repair Expertise

With numerous technology partners and more than twenty years of IT support service, Insight brings a wealth of expertise to systems repair. Our National Repair Center (NRC) supports a wide range of client equipment, including: desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, monitors, printers, scanners, check readers, routers, hubs, and modems. Our Hanover Park (IL) lab is ISO 9001:2008 certified, staffed by technicians who are A+ certified and Tier One Manufacturer Authorized.

Green, Responsible and Documented Disposal

We manage every phase of responsible equipment disposal: pick-up, transport, a DOD-grade wipe of all residual data and an environmentally friendly disposal of all IT assets. Our online portal lets our clients track the disposal process. Single-sourcing of your technology equipment allows for a responsible, knowledgeable handling of all obsolete pieces.

Remarketing and Trade-Ins

Recognizing the need for speed to market, IT equipment is processed and re-marketed immediately upon audit completion. Remarketed hardware is sold on a per unit basis to yield the highest revenue with the equipment either repaired or sold "as is." Insight re-markets and has access to global buyers. Trade-in dollars can be guaranteed to clients for equipment being refreshed.