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Workshop Repairs

Workshop Repairs»

Our specialist workshop facilities provide repair services on a wide range of ICT equipment. From Desktop PC Computers and Laptops, Printers, TFTs and other Peripherals.
Unlike most companies we don't stop at the physical repair however, we go further to provide disaster recovery and backup solution support along with a wide range of other services.

How does it work?»

1: Bring in or courier your equipment to us with a description of the fault and we will book it. There is no need to pre-arrange your repair. If you are having problems getting it to us then we can try to organise on how we can pick it up.

2: Our engineers will investigate the problem and provide you with a detailed diagnosis report and a quotation for the repairs. If for any reason we are unable to locate the necessary parts and a repair is not possible we will offer you an alternative solution.

3: If you decide to go ahead, we will obtain and fit the necessary parts, clean, configure and test the equipment and prepare for dispatch.